About the ALP

The Federal Labor Government and the Australian Labor Party are working hard to ensure all Australians receive the best possible opportunities for life.

The ALP relies on its enthusiastic membership to contribute to policy, volunteer during election campaigns and support the work of the local Members of Parliament and local Branches.

If you are interested in becoming part of the ALP and contributing to campaigns and policy, join the organisation in your State or Territory either as a Central or local branch member. If you live in Victoria, click here for the Victorian ALP Membership Application Form.

In Deakin there are a number of active local ALP branches which is a great way to get involved with the ALP on a local level. Local Branches generally meet monthly and are also actively involved during election campaigns. Depending on where you live you may like to contact the secretary of one of these local branches:

If you are interested in learning about current Australian Labor Party policy or campaigns you may like to visit the ALP’s website or sign up for regular updates via social media – Australian Labor Party.

If you are interested in joining the ALP or learning more about the Australian Labor Party’s activities in Victoria visit the VicLabor site.