05 Jul 2013

Partners in Recovery Brings $10M For Mental Health

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The Federal Labor Government has allocated nearly $10 million to coordinate and support residents with severe and persistent mental illness in eastern Melbourne. The funding will go to a consortium of organsiations to allow them to address the complex needs of vulnerable people with better support and more flexible funding.

The alliance includes Eastern Melbourne Medicare Local (EMML), Outer East Health and Community Support Alliance (OEHCSA), Care Connect, Eastern Health, Eastern Aaccess Community Health (EACH) and Mind Australia.

The local funding is part of a national approach with a funding allocation of $472.7 million, provided to organisations in 48 Medicare Local regions for coordinated and flexibly funded support.

The coordinated and flexible approach is to address the complex issues of people living with long-term psychosis who are 10 times more likely to be homeless, 50 per cent less likely to have completed school, significantly more likely to be living on income support, and have a life expectancy that falls below the national average by up to 30 years.

The Partners in Recovery initiative will see the extension of strong links across different sectors, services and supports to better meet the needs of the vulnerable people in Deakin.

The Partners in Recovery initiative is a key aspect of the Labor Government’s $2.2 billion mental health reform package, targeted at 24,000 of Australia’s most helpless people.

The various organisations taking part in the initiative will collaborate on complex issues connected to mental health such as drugs and alcohol, housing, homelessness, employment, education, emergency services, and hospital emergency departments. During a three-month establishment period, lead agencies will work with partners in each region to build local organisational and workforce capacity and networking expertise.

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