17 May 2013

National Action on Asbestos Safety

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The Gillard Labor Government will invest more than $10.5million to deliver a national approach to protect Australians from asbestos related diseases.

Widespread asbestos use in construction materials during the 20th century has left Australia with a deadly legacy. 2013 has seen the establishment of the Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency which will work with and have representatives from all levels of government as well as unions, industry and support groups to implement a national plan of action to protect Australians from asbestos.

The agency will implement a plan to tackle illegal dumping, to encourage safe disposal across Australia and to develop a strategy for the staged removal of asbestos containing materials from government and commercial buildings.

The Government is working quickly to prevent further Australians from being exposed to deadly asbestos fibres and put in place a plan to address identification of asbestos containing materials in buildings, asbestos removal, handling and storages and asbestos awareness and education.

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